Wondering how to wear a hat?

izzyDesigning, creating and making hats is without doubt Rosie’s passion (see our March Fashion article, Easter Bonnets), so who better to provide the answer to this month’s style question.

Q. I’m lucky to have a number of special occasion events to attend this year including Ladies Day at Ascot. I’ve never worn a hat before but I would love to and this seems like the perfect opportunity. Where do I start in terms of choosing a style that suits me and should I have already decided on the outfit?

A. Rosie Olivia, Founder of Rosie Olivia Millinery, said: “Wearing a hat is not something you do every day so when you have an event to attend that give you the opportunity to wear one… go for it!! When you wear a hat that you love, it feels comfy, fits correctly and gives you confidence, and in my opinion it finishes off an outfit. You often see the hat before the outfit so, being a milliner, I would always say get the hat first and then work the outfit around it.

“Start by going to a milliners and trying on lots of different shaped hats. You will find the style that best suits your face shape and once you have a hat, choose your trimming and then colours. Hats are very hard to buy online as personally I think you need to try them on to know what feels right. Hats are a great accessory and there are so many different variations and styles that there is one to suit all! Enjoy wearing it!”

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