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Lynette Page Lynette Page

Spring had sprung…. or so we thought. Then it snowed! This weather can certainly play havoc with one’s skin. Then add walking into a warm, toasty home with central heating on full blast and our skin has no idea what’s going on. It then over compensates and that’s when an imbalance is formed, writes Lynette Page.



My hydration mission is going well, and I’ve seen a slight improvement in retaining some moisture.

Patience isn’t my strongest point, so I decided to really think about my skin and how I can speed up the process. I wanted to take it a little further and go beyond what’s on the surface. After all, we are told ‘beauty is only skin deep’.

I got chatting to one of my girlfriends who has acupuncture facials. She said the benefits are many so, naturally, I asked Google. I need to research more before I consent to anything to do with needles.

Many A-listers regularly have acupuncture facials, including Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, for rejuvenation of their skin’s elasticity and toxin releasing properties. Sounds fab!

I decided I must try it and gave Martha at Medmar Limited a call. Martha has been using acupuncture’s health benefits for her clients since 1995; facials were added two years ago. I spoke about my concerns briefly and then booked my appointment for the following week.

On meeting Martha at her home treatment room in Mere, I was a little nervous. I have to say Martha put me at ease straight away. We talked about nutrition and my daily diet, skin routine and environment.

My overall internal health was discussed and then Martha tailored the treatment to suit my needs, I have to say I was totally at ease after this.

Martha gave me the complete low down of why acupuncture is great and the many benefits it has: –

  • It improves skin elasticity through collagen stimulation
  • Restores nerve supply
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Restores and improves the oil and water content
  • Plumps the skin and fine lines
  • Increases micro-circulation
  • Gets rid of toxins and helps absorb your face products.

Miraculously, I didn’t feel that much by way of pain. I thought I’d be jumping out of my skin with each needle. How wrong was I?

It was quite pleasant and relaxing. The needles are so super fine, they probably shouldn’t even be called needles.

Martha, let me relax for a while after the needles were in place, I even drifted off for a short time before they were removed slowly and painlessly.

Afterwards, my skin was massaged with hyaluronic acid, which is rich in vitamin c, e, green tea and jojoba oil. This helps with absorption into the skin along with derma rollers. My skin felt tighter and the colour had found its way back after going missing around four years ago.

The days afterwards were quite a shock. My skin had become suppler, plumped and hydrated. Result!

All in all, I had a pleasant experience and I’ve booked in to have more treatments.

I recommend this treatment for anyone wanting to go down an age old natural route that’s been proven over time to lift, rejuvenate, detox and hydrate your skin.

Text Martha at Medmar LTD 07917 355110 – Prices start from £80 per treatment

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