Stellar set of GCSE results at King’s School Macclesfield

The King’s School’s students produced a stellar set of GCSE results, with pupils and staff celebrating a steep rise in the very best grades.

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This year, 27% of all grades were at 9 or 8, formerly the A* grade, up from 20% last year. A huge 47% of all grades are at 9 – 7, or A*/A. Some three quarters of all grades were at 9 – 6 (A* to B), while 97% were at 9 – 4 or A* – C.

A quarter of pupils got at least nine 9 – 7 grades; seven students achieved 10 grades of 9 or 8; 43% of pupils got at least five 9 – 7 grades, while 60% of pupils got a 9 or 8 in at least one subject

In many academic subjects, half of all grades were at the top 9-7 grades including biology, chemistry, physics, English literature, geography, Latin, mathematics, music and RE.

In the advanced further mathematics exam, almost half of all grades are A*/A and two pupils achieved an A^, which is an A* with distinction.

Headmaster, Dr. Simon Hyde, said: “This is another incredible set of results and we are very proud of our students’ achievements. Today is a day of celebration for our pupils who are reaping the rewards of their hard work over the last two years and also for staff too. I am delighted to see so many happy faces as our pupils plan ahead for the next stage of their learning, which for most is staying on for A-levels here in King’s sixth form.”

Some of the King’s GCSE students with eight 9 or 8 grades Some of the King’s GCSE students with eight 9 or 8 grades


Pictured from left to right are some of the highest flyers: Leading show jumper Abby Todd, 16, got seven 9s, two 8s, one 7 and an A in Further Maths and ultimately hopes to read Medicine; Duke of Edinburgh bronze award achiever Emily Higginbotham, 16, got three 9s and seven 8s and wants to study Languages; brilliant violinist Timothy Parkinson, 16, got four 9s, five 8s and an A* with distinction in Further Maths and wants ultimately to read Maths or Engineering; Silver Duke of Edinburgh achiever Fiza Kokan, 16, got six 9s, three 8s, a 7  and an A* in Further Maths and after her A Levels wants to study at London University; Model United Nations representative and barbershop singer Kieran Cullen, 16, got a fabulous nine 9s, one 8 and an A* and eventually wants to read Medicine; Cheshire hockey star Aisling Day, 16, got eight 9s, one 8, one 7 and an A* with distinction in Further Maths and wants to be an engineer; rugby and cricket player James Nichols, 16, got three 9s and seven 8s; while charity volunteer Lottie Thomas, 16, got six 9s, two 8s and two 7s and wants to work  in global ecology.

Nationally, most of the GCSEs in England are being graded from 9 to 1 this year, as pupils took the reformed, more challenging form of GCSE, with more difficult content and mostly marked on final exams, rather than coursework.

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