Beauty Matters: Quick fixes for parched summer skin

We all love a good holiday – a chance to relax, unwind and take in a welcome change of scenery. But a hard-earned break from work and the daily stresses of life can put a massive strain on skin, which is highly sensitive to temperature hikes; lack of hydration (thanks, long flights!) and a new routine, especially if you jetted off to a different time zone.

So, whilst you envisage basking in a beautiful post-holiday glow on your return, often the reality involves pimples, dry patches and stubborn redness, writes Lynette Page.

Lynette Page

Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to rescue parched summer skin and reclaim your ‘golden goddess’ status in a jiffy. In fact, it’s as easy as one, two, three…

1/Work from the inside out

Copious amounts of expensive skin cream won’t fix your complexion if you don’t pay attention to your diet and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Like every part of our body, our skin is made up of cells and these must be adequately nourished to develop properly.

If your recent holiday involved cocktails on the beach all day and sangria by night, it’s worth embarking on a skin detox to help cells recover and absorb vital nutrients that may have been lost through dehydration, poor diet and alcohol intake.

This means eating healthy, wholesome and balanced meals; reducing or cutting out sugar, processed foods and diuretics (like coffee, alcohol and fizzy drinks). Green tea is packed with powerful anti-oxidants. It’s been shown in studies to help protect and strengthen skin cells.

2/Opt for intelligent, hydrating multi-taskers

It takes almost four weeks for skin to fully regenerate. So, if you need a helping hand now, don’t worry. There are innovative products on the market that work to repair and calm dry, sensitive or sunburnt post-holiday skin.

I have developed a moisturiser (£38 that does just that and it is the ultimate parched skin savour, formulated with natural ingredients including Arnica and vitamin K to reduce inflammation and soothe redness for ultra-smooth, beautifully soft skin, with vitamin C and E to help cellular renewal.


I’m big on skincare because, let’s face it, happy skin, happy make up.

3/Take a break from heavy make-up

When skin is exposed to a new climate and different conditions, it is likely to behave erratically – cue dry patches, break-outs and redness.

Increased sweating, dehydration and alcohol consumption cause imbalance, meaning skin will likely need some time to recover when you return to the UK. This recovery period will only be extended if you stifle your skin with layers of heavy foundation and make-up – so take a break and let it breathe.

If you can’t go ‘cold turkey’ I recommend a lightweight mineral powder over liquid or cream foundation – and a sweep of bronzer to accentuate that gorgeous post-holiday glow.


I’m loving Ready bronzer by Bare minerals (£24; it’s a good shade for pale skin and can be seen on medium to olive skin too. Not too pink and easy to apply.

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