Book of the Month – ‘The Cure’ by Malcolm Storer

Reviewed by Rebecca Tortely.

It is thought that men think about sex 8,000 times a day!

Although often depicted in literature in a humorous way, this need can drive men to madness as they primitively pursue a mate.


In his highly original novel, Malcolm Storer challenges you to think of a world where men’s sexual desire is no longer the puppet master of their lives.

My book of the month, if not the year, “The Cure”, centres around the discovery of a humble plant in the Amazonian rainforest which is marketed to the world as a tiny pill called “Freedom”.

Why? Because it is the antidote to women!

Storer ruthlessly exposes men’s slavish desires through the eyes of two protagonists — Nick Slater and Daniel Page.

Although they epitomise the broadest spectrum of men, the single commonality between them is their obsession with women.

As you delve further into their minds, you realise that beneath their often crude ponderings lies an innate desperation just to be wanted.

Malcolm Storer Malcolm Storer

Once you can understand this, the power of “Freedom” has never been more relevant.

Somehow this depiction of sex makes sense. It’s well known that you don’t know how important something is in your life until it is gone.

From the excess of sexual desire to the complete annihilation of it, you find yourself feeling sorry for men and empowered as a woman, just as Storer intends.

This novel is bravely told through fearless and direct language.

Storer challenges preconceptions about sexual hierarchies while, at the same time, confronting 21st century writing.

He takes a subject that has been long explored and makes it entirely relevant to today. Long gone is the need for drawn out descriptions, instead Storer is spearheading a new movement of fast pace, shocking, smack-you-in- the-face writing.

The most refreshing, daring and truthful novel I have read in a long time, and I challenge you to disagree with this after having read it.

‘The Cure’ is available on Amazon.

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