Britain’s first integrated fertility hospital

Graham Evans, MP for Weaver Vale, formally opened Britain’s first integrated fertility hospital, the Centre for Reproductive Health (CRH) at Daresbury Park recently.

Graham Evans MP officially opens the Centre for Reproductive Health (CRH) at Daresbury Park. Graham Evans MP officially opens the Centre for Reproductive Health (CRH) at Daresbury Park.

“I am pleased to visit The Centre for Reproductive Health to learn more about how they are supporting couples seeking fertility treatments. Couples struggling to build their own families need both emotional and medical support during their journey. I am very proud that we have such an innovative facility here in Weaver Vale which will support couples across the North West.” Reproductive-3

Mr Luciano Nardo, consultant in reproductive medicine and clinical director at the Centre for Reproductive Health explained “The centre, which is one of only a few of its kind in Europe and the only one in the North West of England, offers patients the very latest technologies and the highest quality individualised, integrated care to ensure the best possible outcomes. I am delighted to work with such a highly skilled and strongly committed multidisciplinary team that make a real difference to each patient’s story.”

Managing director Simon Shepherd added, “Because the clinic was designed by consultants and embryologists, and because we offer much more than just IVF, we can carry out all the investigative procedures that may be required by infertile couples. Our team are gynaecologists first, and fertility doctors second – working very much with the interests of what is important for the patient in mind.”

CRH is the only clinic to offer comprehensive gynaecology, urology and fertility care. The Centre also boasts a fully-equipped operating facility in which to carry out day case surgical procedures.

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