Bullish appeal for rare-breed sponsors

Bollin Valley Partnership is offering local people and businesses the chance to sponsor new-born calves of its rare breed cattle.

The aim is to help ensure the future of the longhorn herd and preserve Cheshire East’s rich pastoral landscape – as well as promote the work of the Bollin Valley Partnership, which is part-funded by Cheshire East Council.

The first calf of the year of the partnership’s herd of longhorn cattle has just been safely delivered into the world.

This captivating young lady (pictured) is Bollin Newgate, who was born on Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14. And around 18 more are due to be born in coming weeks.

Bollin Newgate was named by John Lockett of the joint waste team of Cheshire East and Cheshire West Councils, who are sponsoring the calf for the year.

John explained: “We were invited to sponsor the first calf of the year and are delighted to do so. Newgate is the name of a former landfill site, in Wilmslow, which is now a developing ecological and leisure area managed in partnership by the joint waste team and the Rangers – so it’s a fitting choice of name.”

The herd has flourished over the years and has provided a focus for educational visits, a mascot for the valley and has maintained the conservation value of the grassland.

The cattle can be seen grazing throughout the Bollin Valley – from Macclesfield Riverside Park to Wilmslow Park. The herd is currently wintering at Cheshire East Council’s Oakwood Farm, in Styal, near Wilmslow.

“This year, all calves will be named starting with the letter ‘N’ (next year it will be ‘O’) and we are inviting local companies to become sponsors to ensure the future of the herd.”

Are you interested in sponsoring a longhorn calf? Bollin Valley Partnership manager Tim Harding manages the herd and can be contacted by phone on 01625 374790.

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