Care in Your Own Home

At some point in our lives we may be called upon to identify appropriate care provision for a family member requiring some degree of additional support.

Dependent upon the age of the individual; their personal circumstances and their general state of health, such provision may range between care enabling them to remain in their own home through to specialist residential care for those suffering with dementia or memory loss, often through Alzheimer’s disease.

When faced with this responsibility it is only natural for us to seek reassurances that we are doing what is best for our loved one. Matthew Robinson has been speaking to professionals within each of the main care-related sectors to gain an insight into their work. Here he meets a husband and wife team whose business is focussed on providing …… Care in Your Own Home

Given the choice, I think it is fair to say most of us prefer to remain in our own homes, despite any disabilities we may face, or the onset of any age-related conditions. “It is comfortable and familiar, two reassuring factors, particularly for our elderly clients” said Richard Jones who, with his wife Rachael, owns and manages Cheshire-based Concept Home Care Limited. “Care at home also encourages a great deal of independence” added Rachael.

The initial point of contact with potential clients usually comes via a close family member. “It is often a parent or the client’s son or daughter who will contact us” Rachael explained. “We arrange meetings with both the client and their families.

Age UK often call us too. They will ask if we can support their elderly clients with any care needs they have. If appropriate we will then set up an initial meeting through Age UK.”

Like many providers of ‘care at home’ services, Rachael and Richard offer support to a broad range of clients “We provide care for people of all ages; it is not primarily elderly care, there is just a greater need for this service. We provide assistance to clients with various physical and learning disabilities and, currently, our clients ages range from 7 to 90.”

An individual’s personal needs will vary. “The main services our carers are able to provide include assistance with personal care, shopping, laundry, cooking.

We also offer a ‘live-in’ care service which is often needed for palliative care or as an alternative for an elderly person who does not wish to enter a care home or hospital. Live-in care provides a constant companion and a wonderful one-to-one ratio between client and carer.

In a care home the client to carer ratio is typically 8:1”

Each client’s needs are different and each will have a personal preference in terms of who they wish to receive care from. “We always try and take these wishes into consideration and will pair carers who best suit the needs of each client. For example, one of our carers has a great deal of experience looking after children and working with clients with learning disabilities. We matched her with our youngest client, who is only seven, and who has learning disabilities. We also have staff who possess expertise in palliative care.”

When Richard first meets with a new client, his initial objective is to discover exactly what it is they need. “We put together a care plan and collect all essential information needed regarding the client. We then pair a suitable carer with the client, taking into consideration the client’s wishes. For example, ladies often only like female carers. Client and carer are then introduced and the care begins.”

Rachael and Richard have a clear understanding of what is needed to maintain the impressive reputation they have established. “We are proud of our staff. It is their competence and skill and their attitude to those who need their assistance which makes Concept Home Care such a good care provider. “Our team is like a family. We are close to our carers and to our clients and their families.”

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