Cheshire doctor backs calls to outlaw “Botox Parties”

A Cheshire doctor, recently honoured with the gold award as the voice of the UK’s cosmetic medicine profession, is backing calls by the Royal College of Surgeons for more stringent controls that would outlaw “casual” cosmetic treatments.

Dr Raj Acquilla, a former Northwich GP and graduate of Manchester University, has taken on the role as an international ambassador for the specialty, teaching and campaigning for best-practice at masterclasses in Britain and around the world.

Under the Royal College’s new guidelines as just announced, only qualified doctors would be permitted to carry out cosmetic medical treatments on medical premises and so-called Botox and dermal filler “parties” would be banned altogether.

“Used expertly Botox and other injectable dermal fillers they are among the most useful products we have but unfortunately they are given a bad name by ‘cowboy’ practitioners who take advantage of the present lack of regulations,” he said.

His role as an ambassador for the profession comes in the wake of the recent prestigious cosmetic surgery awards at The Grand Connaught Room in Covent Garden London, where he won gold as the Best Speaker of the Year and was nominated for Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year.

“As the officially-recognised global key opinion leader in cosmetic dermatology I will now be lecturing and training throughout the UK, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the USA.  Over the next 12 months I expect to be visiting at least two countries every month”, he said

“In the USA they are very strict, with watertight regulations limiting their use but here in the UK anyone from beauty clinic staff to a mechanic could legally give someone an injection.  I fully endorse the new guidelines being recommended by the Royal College”

Dr Acquilla, whose patients include many celebrities, practices from clinics at Whitegate in Cheshire, where he lives, and at the Kingsmead Medical Centre in Northwich.

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