Economical motoring with added ‘oomph’

Recently, the mobile valeter who calls at our home to clean our cars was telling me about a new local car tuning (remapping) service that has noticeably improved the mpg he achieves from his own BMW.

As my wife’s 4 X 4 was the least economical of our cars we decided to have it remapped in the hope of increasing its mpg. When I called back to collect her car the first thing I noticed was a significant improvement in its performance. It was almost like driving a different car from the one I had dropped off only hours earlier, writes Michael Simpson

On the journey home I discovered the added benefit. The car’s performance was noticeably different. By ‘different’ I mean it was quieter, smoother and acceleration had improved significantly, to the point that I actually found myself enjoying what I had previously found to be a rather boring car to drive.

Four weeks on; my wife has continued with her usual weekly routine driving to and from her work, popping out for the shopping and visiting relatives. She estimates she is saving around £5 to £10 each week on fuel, which roughly equates to the general 10% improvement in mpg anticipated through the Quantum tuning service. She, too, has noticed a considerable improvement in her car’s acceleration and general performance.

Having experienced this impressive improvement to my wife’s car, I was keen to find out what could be achieved with my own three litre BMW, so last week I booked it in with BT Performance.

BT Performance is the North West agent for Quantum Tuning. Based onStanley   Road industrial estate in Knutsford, this popular family-owned business is seeing a rapid increase in enquiries as ‘word gets around’ from already happy customers.

Owners Ian and Sandra Goulden, along with their son Scott, are working their magic on an assortment of vehicles as Ian explained: “Remapping will improve the performance of any make and model of vehicle whether they be modern performance cars; family saloons, 4 x 4’s or commercial vehicles.”


I must admit it was an improvement in performance that I was keen to assess in my own car and I certainly was not disappointed. What had been a reasonably ‘nippy’ car anyway now has the added ‘oomph’ I was hoping for.


Whatever vehicle you drive, if, like us, you enjoy driving; enjoy having that little extra ‘under the bonnet, or simply like the idea of getting more mpg, it could be worth a few minutes of your time finding out more about the Quantum Tuning services offered by BT Performance.


Pop in and talk to Ian or Scott; call them on 01565 750755 or check out the details at

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