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Amour in BlushLike it or loathe it, February is a romantic time of year, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner and the official start of wedding season, our thoughts inevitably turn to pretty underthings. We love Valentines Day; it’s a great excuse to turn up the heat and slip into something luxurious.

Lingerie sales are soaring at this time of the year so this month we take a look at the prettiest lingerie for Valentine’s Day, your wedding, and beyond…and we consider those all important and (likely well overdue) lingerie resolutions to help get you in the mood. Fellas, we haven’t forgotten you. We’ve also pulled together an easy five step plan to help you buy the right lingerie for a panic free Valentines Day! Image (right): Simone Pérèle ‘Amour’ in blush, bra £70, briefs £35 – See-Saw Lingerie

Spring Summer 2017 lingerie trends

The SS17 colour palette is awash with everything from pretty and delicate pastels to punchy prints. Colour is provided via soft colours of powder blue, accents of orange and shades of blush. Image (below right)Marie Jo ‘Jane’ in tropical peach, bra £74.95, rio briefs £39.95 – See-Saw Lingerie

Sexy slips and clever lingerie solutions should be at the top of your wish list for SS17, which sees the continuation of the underwear-as-outerwear trend and backless bodices. Luxurious lace and ultra-soft fabrics complete what is a very light and feminine Spring Summer season.


Lingerie resolutions

Before you dive into the new season, make the following New Year lingerie resolutions.

Declutter your underwear drawer. In the same way you would your wardrobe, aim to declutter at the start of a new season. Discard the old – look for fraying elastics, stretched lace, discolouring and anything misshapen – and get rid of anything uncomfortable (see also shape wear resolution below).

Get fitted! A staggering 85% of women are reportedly wearing the wrong size bra. Not only is it important that your bra is comfortable and the correct size, but ladies can often underestimate the importance of a well-fitting bra to the appearance of their clothes. Women are all shapes and sizes therefore it is important to go to a specialist lingerie retailer where the staff have been fully trained and have the knowledge and expertise to advise.

Invest in a supportive strapless bra. If the recent party season has taught you anything, it’s that your lingerie arsenal isn’t complete without a quality strapless bra; nothing can kill an outfit quite like unsightly straps. Finding a good strapless bra can be tough and strapless bras can offer very little support for anyone above a B cup. However the variety and options available has got better over the years and here are some top tips to consider:

  • Go down at least one band size; the band will be doing all the work so you need to minimize wiggle room;
  • The larger your chest, the wider you want your band to be;
  • If you’re wearing a strapless top or dress, make sure the garment is fitted through the waist so your hips, not your chest, support the weight of the garment,
  • Make sure it fits properly at the loosest band setting when you buy it. You can then tighten the bra as it wears out.”

Make some leg room. Patterned or brightly coloured tights are an effortless way to jazz up an understated LBD or tired pencil skirt. However, keep the rest of your clothing simple and let them be the feature.

Find comfortable shapewear. Shapewear is every woman’s best friend and we’re not talking about your grandmother’s girdle; shapewear has come a long way since Bridget Jones’ ‘scary knickers’, and it is possible to find comfortable control. The key to achieving this is to buy the right item for your figure concerns. Wearing more control than is necessary will result in discomfort, or at the very least dissatisfaction. If in doubt visit your local retailer and speak to a fully trained lingerie fitter.

So whatever the reason, Valentines Day or a forthcoming wedding, treat yourself to some really sexy lingerie this month and show off that fabulous figure.

WAXX Men's Boxer NYCMen buying lingerie – the struggle is real!

Knowledge is power. Your local independent lingerie shop should have all their customers’ details on file including sales history, which will help you when it comes to your loved ones size, favourite brand, colour, style etc. But if you’re not sure they do, there is also some pre-planning you can consider before stepping foot inside a shop and making a purchase:

  • Know your sizing – don’t guess. I still remember being on the receiving end of a pair of size 16 tracksuit bottoms (I was a size 10 at the time!). It was in the early days of our relationship and screamed ‘panic buy’ (in case you’re wondering we ARE still together…. 20-years later!). When she’s out, simply take a peek at her top drawer and look at the size she wears the most.
  • Know your fabrics – what fabric does she wear the most, is she allergic to anything etc.?
  • Know your colours – make a note of what colours she wears the most (a black lacey bra is no good if she wears mainly light colours), does she have a favourite colour that makes her feel good?
  • Don’t let her know you had help! A good lingerie shop will wrap your item in beautiful packaging and let you take credit, plus they operate a doctor/patient level of confidentiality when it comes to matters of the heart!

Image (above right): Men’s Waxx boxers, £20 – See-Saw Lingerie

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