International Smiles

One of Cheshire’s top cosmetic and implant dental surgeons has established a world-wide reputation for the quality of his work and is now in demand as an international lecturer as others seek to benefit from his experience, knowledge and skills writes Matthew Robinson.

What better testimonial can there be to the quality of someone’s work when their clients are happy to travel hundreds, and in some cases thousands of miles to keep appointments with them.

Having nice white teeth, and an attractive smile, are often very high on the list of priorities with those for whom feeling good about their personal appearance can have such a significant influence on their self-confidence, their personal lives and, in some cases, their careers.

Whilst the majority of John Stowell’s patients are Cheshire residents, others regularly travel from further afield “I have patients who travel to here from places such as the Isle of Man, London, Hampshire, Yorkshire, Cyprus and Abu Dhabito continue their treatments.”

John’s Knutsford-based practice was established in 1978 and Woodvale Clinic opened in 1996 in a converted eighteenth century listed coach house.

Here he has built his reputation for top class cosmetic dental and implant surgery – “smile makeovers” as he describes it. With his wife, Julia, he lives in the impressive house alongside his clinic.

John was born in the Isle of Man. “My family relocated to Cheshire when I was eleven years of age.” He attended Altrincham Grammar School before taking a place at Durham University. Then it was on to Edinburgh where he was awarded a Fellowship in Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons (F.D.S.R.C.S), one of his impressive list of qualifications.

John has run practical courses in implantology in Knutsford and Dublin and has lectured nationally, and internationally inAmerica,CanadaandItaly.

Indeed, he is also an Honoured Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Although he dedicates a great deal of his time passing on his skills and experience to others, John does not neglect his own passion for knowledge “Every year I travel toAmericato keep up-to-date on the latest developments and advances in treatments.Americastill leads the way in this respect.”

So, does this busy man have any other interests apart from those associated with his work? “I do enjoy clay pigeon shooting and I like cooking.” Any specialities I asked. “Not really, but I enjoy cooking a range of Chinese, Indian and Italian dishes.” From the glint in his eyes I tend to think he is probably an excellent cook also.

But I doubt John will be spending too much time in the kitchen in the very near future. When we met he was considering invitations to lecture in bothRussiaandChina, just the latest in many such requests he receives each year. Little wonder then that he has so many happy smiling patients around the World.

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