King’s cheerleaders ranked third in the world!

The King’s School cheerleading troupe were ranked third in the world after representing the U.K. in the World Cheer Leading Championships.

Competing in the Super Varsity event, which showcases the best teams from around the globe, the 32 King’s girls produced a stunning routine in front of a packed auditorium at Disney World Florida.

Kings cheerleaders

It is the second time King’s has competed at world level, having won a silver medal in 2014 when they were the first and only UK school to compete

This year, however, saw a dramatic increase in the numbers travelling from all four corners of planet to compete with King’s beating teams from Puerto Rico, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago and South Africa.

All the girls worked hard on their individual skills with team captains were Zoë Thomas, Beth Henshaw and Izzy Watkins demonstrating both leadership and technical flair.

Coached by Rachael Burrows, who also runs the Maximum Cheer troupe which open to all young women and men across Macclesfield and beyond, the sport demands a rare mix of gymnastic ability, mental discipline and sheer courage

Rachael said: “You need persistence and total commitment to perform at the highest level during every single training session. A cheerleader must never ever give up but stay positive, especially among your team mates.

“They have to take responsibility for their own learning and strive to be the best they can and to push beyond their own boundaries. Then in competition they must be able to handle pressure and learn to pull out their best performance. It’s a not a sport for the faint hearted”

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