Mr Loophole Represents A Different Breed of Defendant

One of Cheshire’s, and the country’s, most high-profile lawyers is using his famous skills to defend a different breed of client.

Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, has launched a website, which aims to give a full and fair hearing to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Freeman has been a Staffy owner for almost 20 years, and his latest canine companion is a red 12-month-old Stafford from the south of France called George.

“We have created this website with the specific aim to promote the many wonderful qualities and characteristics of the Stafford. I have been a dog owner for the past 50 years and whilst I am passionate about most breeds, the Stafford is the ‘special one’.

“My experience is that Staffords are extremely loving, loyal, intelligent and trustworthy. Their affinity with people, and particularly children, is second to none and if there is a downside it’s their constant eagerness to meet anyone or anything with a pulse.

“The public perception, perpetrated inaccurately by the media is that theStaffordis the ‘Devil Dog’.

“The media likes nothing more than to link any attack on humans or animals with Staffords however tenuous or distorted that link is.

“The purpose of the website is to re-educate the media and rectify this misconceived public perception”.

“I want the Stafford to be portrayed in its true light which, as all Stafford owners will know, is far removed and contrary to the perception portrayed by the media.”

Freeman said that for far too long Stafford owners have been the silent majority and the time has now come for all Stafford owners to be more vociferous.

There are high-profile Stafford lovers who are actually embarrassed about their ownership of the Stafford, on the basis that it may be harmful for their professional reputation.

It is a tragic feature that approximately 80 per cent of all dogs in animal centres such as the Dogs Trust are either Stafford or Stafford crosses.

“I am a defence lawyer by trade and have been for over 30 years and has been launched to communicate all that is great and good about the Stafford

“Until now there has been no real united front in defending them. As government legislation swiftly moves not only in theUnited Kingdombut also in other EU countries, I feel that it is imperative that theStaffordshould be given a fair hearing.

“For example, the media are not interested in the fact that the Stafford is one of only two breeds that the Kennel Club specifically recommend as being suitable with children.

“We are not told they were used on a trial basis by the French Police but this was eventually given up because of their reluctance to inflict harm on human beings.

“We are not told of their heroics during the First World War when they were used to deliver messages and parcels in the trenches, and we are never told any of their amazing qualities which make them such a wonderful and versatile family pet.

“If we do not do something now and sit back and acquiesce in the demise of this breed, we will only have ourselves to blame for its ultimate extinction.

“This in turn will push ownership underground which will lead to the breed being used solely and exclusively for illegal purposes which will mark the end of time for theStaffordas we now know it.”


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