Proceeding with Care

Hayley Bebbington, the new general manager at Prestbury Beaumont, has always wanted to be a nurse, recalling from the age of six when she used to dress up as one while her brother was busy re-enacting Batman.  Now, Hayley has swapped her nurse’s uniform for that of a manager and she has big plans for Prestbury Beaumont’s future, writes Thomas Castle.

A very recent addition to the Prestbury Beaumont team, starting in May of this year after more than twenty years in the industry, Hayley has brought a wealth of experience to her new role

“I started my nursing career at a care home where my grandmother lived. I remember thinking how amazingly attentive staff were towards the residents and their families.

After my grandmother passed away I was offered the chance to work at the home as a nurse. I took the opportunity and have never looked back.”

For as long as she can remember Hayley wanted to be a nurse, specifically choosing to care for older people.

“It is a huge privilege. People put a lot of trust in nurses.  I feel I can make a difference to an individual’s life through the relationship I have with them and their families, who are also important. For me, the most important people in the world are my mother and father and I would want them to receive the best possible care. That’s how it should be for everybody.”

Already, Hayley has significant plans for adding to services at Prestbury Beaumont and is in discussions with Barchester’s directors about adding a spa facility and a bistro.

“I have lots of plans for Prestbury Beaumont. I want it to feel like a home from home.

Residents and visitors should feel comfortable and should expect to find standards the same as those they expect in their own homes. We keep everywhere clean and tidy; residents are out tending to the flower beds; there are daily newspapers on the tables and many comfy chairs to relax in and read a book.

I try to consider everything when trying to make it as homely as possible by concentrating on minute details from the presentation and décor to the smell and feel.  I want to smell fresh coffee brewing and homemade food cooking and hear laughter and conversation.”

Hayley has always enjoyed working closely with older people and sees her role at PrestburyBeaumontas an opportunity to demonstrate it is not merely a job, but a way of life.

“I find I can have such interesting conversations with older people. They have vast life experiences and so many stories to tell. It helps to be a good listener and I find you can learn so much through talking to residents, people who have led such interesting and active lives.

You cannot teach someone to be a good nurse. Yes, there are qualifications, but it comes down to personality and character.  Some of the best nurses I have worked alongside would never have considered a career in nursing until they realise how good they are at it.

It is about so much more than providing medication and assistance; it is about building relationships and feeling part of a family. Staff feel they are part of an extended family, they are more than carer’s and nurses, they are friends too.”

Having an interest in palliative and end of life care, Hayley understands the emotional element of the work.

“I like to believe that I wear my heart on my sleeve. There can be difficult times for families and I want to make a difference and add to the happy memories.”

Becoming general manager was an opportunity Hayley could not turn down. It was the right time to take on more responsibility.

“After working as a matron at a care home inWarrington, I became an assistant manager at a retirement village.  While there I set up a domiciliary service – a nurse aid service – from scratch.

I remained there for several years and really enjoyed it as I learnt a great deal about the standards of service people should expect. I was always looking for progression and I knew Barchester was at the top of the tree both as an employer, and as a care provider.

I started working for the company as assistant manager in Marple under the guidance of a colleague called Mark Shockledge, who also spent time at Prestbury Beaumont.  In a way he is my mentor, he taught me so much and I really enjoyed working with him. He encouraged me to come to Prestbury when the opportunity presented itself.”

The beauty and community spirit of Prestbury has already managed to cast its spell on Hayley.

“I have fallen in love with Prestbury, I feel so proud when I come up the driveway. It is lovely here and the team is great. The village is beautiful and it has a real community feel to it.

I felt I needed a new challenge and I would have been foolish not to come here as these opportunities do not come along too often.

I am delighted, although there is lots of planning to do, and one or two minor changes to implement. For example, planning the new spa and bistro service.”

Hayley wants Prestbury Beaumont to be an active part of the community and to take part in village activities.

“It would be great to play a part in the Christmas street party. I want to be approachable and for people in the village to be able to say ‘Oh, it’s Hayley from Prestbury Beaumont’. I know there are many social clubs here and it would be good to be involved with them.

We are having a summer fair between 1:30-4:30pm on August 17 and everyone is welcome. It will give me an opportunity to introduce myself and to meet new people.”

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