Raw Food Retreats

What a difference four weeks can make. Last month Maldives and this month I am teaching at my raw retreats in Charnwood Forest. After all the highs of my wedding and honeymoon, getting back to work is a just as much fun, writes Renee Maguire.

Hosue-of-the-hill-I love my raw food retreats as this is my opportunity to share my passion with like-minded people. Enabling them to discover how fabulous they can feel on eating raw food for the next three days.image002

This one is extra special as, although we have guests from all over the country attending, I’m thrilled to welcome four INCheshire readers who are regulars at my school and who I am now thrilled to call friends.

As they enjoy their courgette pasta with tomato marinara alfresco dinning, the laughter from the table is a tell-tale sign they are all enjoying supper and settling into to the next three days of raw delights.

image001Over the next few days we will be making my version of raw chili con carne, chia and raisin bread, mango tart, strawberry ice cream, Bircher muesli, Aloe Vera lemonade, samosas with mango chutney, chocolate truffles and many more of my favorite recipes all with one common theme, they are all densely nutritious and kind to our body.photo-1

photo-4By eating gluten free, dairy free, vegan and raw, we are optimizing our health and allowing our bodies to go in to detox and an alkaline state.

The key to eating this way is by making it feel like each meal is a rainbow of colour. We eat first with our eyes and if our plate is beige and boring, then so will our mood be. With so many fresh and vibrant ingredients at our finger tips, meal time should never be dull.

Here are the recipes for my version of Mexican Chili and tortilla chipsflax_crackers_11

Corn Tortilla Chips

1 cup sunflower seeds (soaked overnight)

½ cup flax seeds (soaked overnight)

4 corn on the cob, with the kernels removed

½ cup ground flax powder

1 big pinch of Himalayan Sea salt

Drain any excess water from the sunflower and flax seeds, blend the red peppers in a food processor to form a paste, then add all the remaining ingredients and mix until smooth. Turn out on to a Teflon dehydrator sheet and spread evenly across the sheet and score into triangles, or squares depending on what shape you desire. Dehydrate for 12 hours after which flip them over and dehydrate for a further 24 or until reached desired crispness.

Note. We use a dehydrator for this recipe, however you can try on the lowest   heat you’re your oven but the cooking time will be reduced to 4-5 hours

photo-1Chili Con Carne

2 cups of walnuts or almonds

1cup turnip

½ large onion diced

½ cup sundried tomatoes

½ cup raisins

4 medium tomatoes

1tsp cumin

1garlic clove

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 tsp paprika

1tsp date pate

1 diced chili optional

2 glugs of olive oil

Process the nuts, turnip and carrots in a food processor and then add the raisins, place the remaining ingredients into the food processor and pulse.

Tip in a shallow dish and place in the dehydrator to warm through for 6 hours

Note. We use a dehydrator for this recipe, however you can try on the lowest   heat you’re your oven but the heating time will be reduced to 2-3 hours

For more tips and advice on increasing your diet with healthy gluten free, dairy free, vegan dishes go to www.rawchifood.com

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