Record numbers attend Middlewich Freemasons Prostate Cancer Testing.

Cheshire Freemasons recently ran a Testing Session in conjunction with Leighton Hospital Cancer – Prostate Cancer Support Group (LHPCSG) at Middlewich Masonic Hall.

During the 3 hour session more than 275 men attended. Open to members and non-members alike, tests take the format of a small blood sample being taken which is then sent away for ‘Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) level’ screening.

Queuing out of the door to be tested Queuing out of the door to be tested

In a relatively new innovation LHPCSG, attendees were asked to read and complete a consent form before a sample of blood was taken – a sharp scratch and it was all over – time for a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Senior Cheshire Freemason involved in organising the event, Steve Simpson, said: “Those men tested will each receive a confidential and personal letter to their home address from the partner laboratory that analyses the blood results for the PSA which will indicate whether they have a Green, Amber or Red led result.  Green indicates a normal level of PSA, Amber a raised level which should spur the donor to further tests whist Red indicates a higher level requiring more immediate investigation”.

Electronic registration. Electronic registration.

Steve continued, “It is now some time since the test and of the 275 men who attended, 15 have received RED results, whilst 10 have received an AMBER result. All have been advised to seek a further examination from their GP’s and it shows the important of these ‘life saving’ tests.

The event, which took place before the social distancing we now observe as part of the National Covid -19 response, proved a great success and on behalf of all those that attended I would like to thank John Launsdon and all of his team for their hard work and professionalism.

Alan Coker (91) gives blood for the test. Alan Coker (91) gives blood for the test.

One of the RED results recorded was mine, I have since had a follow up test which was a bit lower, so I’m now on the watch list – without the test I would not have been aware that I was at risk, but now I’m being monitored so it really does go to show these events return significant benefits.

There is no doubt that many of the 275 men tested will receive Amber or Red letters and if the tests follow the average then the lives of some of those men, unaware that they were developing Prostate cancer will subsequently be saved”

The testing at Middlewich was the last for the foreseeable future as PSA testing has been suspended until the COVID -19 crisis allows further dates to be set.

For more information regarding Prostate cancer, please visit

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