Return of the bird botherers to Tatton Park

The fabulous annual Scarecrow Festival returns to the gardens of Tatton’s historic estate from Saturday February 16 to Sunday February 24 (closed Monday 18).

This event has gained quite a reputation for its creativity. The scarecrows have proven to be very ‘adventurous’ in recent years: in the gardens they have been seen climbing up trees, heading underground hunting for moles and even scaling the walls of the mansion.

Head gardener Simon Tetlow said: “The Scarecrow Festival is always a fantastic opportunity for our teams to flex their artistic muscles and also to provide a real early spring service – protecting our tender crops and fledging flowers from the birds.”

Children will be able to take part in a quiz to find some of these characters throughout the week. For the 2013 edition of the quiz the scarecrows will be strictly re-cycleable. The whole scarecrow team will be dressed with material and items that will be re-cycled once the scarecrows have performed their garden duties. Team members include (CD) Seedy,  Miss Pot(ter), heavy metal Scrappy Ste , Shed Ned , Milk bottle Bob and Electrical Sparky.

At the farm visitors can search for the scarecrow characters of ‘Old Macdonald and his farm’, take part in a quiz and help the farm staff make scarecrows.


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