Richard gets medication funded with MP’s support

Two years ago Richard Jones was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Richard struggles with this as his wife, Rachel explained “It is a very rare condition, arthritis triggered by psoriasis and it is extremely painful. It has now spread throughout his body since he was diagnosed and he walks with a stick, and very slowly.”

Rachel and Richard Jones

The medication Richard needs is called Humira. “None of the other medications work for Richard, so we were keen to apply for the necessary funding” Rachel told us. Humira is expensive, hence the Clinical Commissioning Group (the board) were extremely reluctant to prescribe it.

After many trips to the rheumatology clinic at Oswestry, Richard was given assessments indicating he should apply. The average swelling on someone’s knee, for example, should come out in a blood test at around 5. Richard’s came out at 55.

Richard and Rachel own and manage their own company, Concept Home Care Limited, a provider of live-in care for the elderly and the disabled.


“We applied for funding ages ago and it was delayed and delayed, whilst Richard continued to walk around in agony. We rang the CCG and they hinted they were reluctant to approve the funding.”


Richard decided to write to George Osborne MP “I informed him that we run a small business and that if the funding was not agreed, not only would we both become unemployed, but so would at least 10 employees who were previously unemployed before we hired them.

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