The Rickitt’s BIG Reveal

So, it’s here…time for the big reveal!

In truth, this is probably the worst kept secret in Knutsford, but I am honoured to say that Katy and I are now the proud owners of the amazing Dexter and Jones, writes Adam Rickitt.

For those that don’t know this Knutsford icon, Dexter and Jones is a tap and bottle shop serving craft beers and artisan gin.

Opened just over three years ago, it has become a real landmark destination in the town for those seeking something special to either drink in or enjoy at home.

We found our new 'home'. We found our new ‘home’.

Almost like a mini Altrincham market with its communal seating, we’ve always felt it creates a truly unique setting for customers to enjoy and make new friends in what is a real treasure for the community.

For those connoisseurs of beer and gin, the place offers every treasure for the taste buds never found in big supermarket or brewery chains.

Essentially, it’s half Aladdin’s cave and half a grown-up’s sweet shop! For us it’s also where the heart is…..

Back in 2016, after two years of begging, I managed to convince Katy to move back to my childhood home and we relocated to Knutsford. The week after moving in we had a ‘staycation’ to enjoy all the treasures this beautiful market town has to offer, and to allow it to feel like our forever home.

So it was that we spotted and made our way to the then newly opened Dexter and Jones.  In fact, I think we were about the second ever customers to walk through the door.

Ready to do business! Ready to do business!

As dedicated gin drinkers we were immediately blown away by the variety on offer. Names and flavours we had never even heard of, let alone tasted. The beautiful bottles we took home as candle holders were a bonus! We were hooked.

It became our staple destination point for beginning our date nights and, in the last three years, I think we’ve only failed to begin our weekly celebration there about three times!

Of course, a Friday tipple soon begot Saturday afternoon “relaxation”, followed swiftly by any opportunity we had to take residence!

Ben - The manager at Dexter & Jones Ben – The manager at Dexter & Jones

We fell in love with the place from that very first visit. Not just because of the variety it has in it’s ever changing offerings, but because of the way it draws people together.

Each time you visit you find yourself chatting to someone completely different…. from majors to miners, barristers to brickies. The place doesn’t even understand the meaning of the word pretentious… it’s just about bringing people together and serving them the finest bottles and tasters, whether from 1 mile down the road or from the other side of the globe.

Within a month of that very first visit we asked Karen, one of the owners, that if EVER they decided to sell could they please let us know first. For the next three years we loved being customers, but it was always a slightly bittersweet love as our dream grew to run it together.

Don’t get us wrong, we love our ‘day jobs’ too. I will continue to act and Katy to present until the day we die, but we have dreamt of doing something together and having our own project.

Back in July we were chasing our mad pooches around Tatton, daydreaming away about what in a perfect world we would like to be doing. Beyond the hallucinatory dreams of our careers, top of the list was to be owners of D&J.

We spent the entire walk fantasising of a life spent beer and gin-tasting (purely in the name of research of course), hosting and cultivating something we love in a community we adore.

"We knew it was as sign." “We knew it was as sign.” Katy is in her element. Katy is in her element.

Well, someone was listening (I hope from above rather than below) because the very next day Karen called to say they were thinking about putting the place on the market to pursue new adventures. I turned to Katy … I told Katy … we said yes there and then.

Sure enough a panicked week of begging, borrowing, stealing and remortgaging our house quickly followed as we tried to make it happen. Fate was with us and the day we boarded a plane for our summer holiday we were able to secure the place and make our dream a reality.

After an unsurprising delay caused by solicitors being, well, solicitors, we finally got the keys in November.

Neither of us dared to dream we would be this lucky, and we hope you will come along and celebrate with us.

For those who already know and adore what Dexter and Jones is all about, please believe nothing you love is going to be changing. It will always and forever be your ‘go to’ place for all things brewed and distilled (mainly thanks to manager Ben and his miraculous passion and knowledge) …. your ‘go to’ place to meet new friends or party with old …and your ‘go to’ place to relax or celebrate.

Team Dexter & Jones Team Dexter & Jones

Any changes we make will be tweaks to improve your experience. A new and exciting wine offering to rival the gin and beer, and the odd temptation of some cakes, toasties and tapas to line the stomach.

Everything about Dexter and Jones will, and always has to be, what has made us, you and everyone who visits fall in love with the place.

The dream we never dared to hope for is now the reality. We hope you will come and enjoy it with us every day.



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