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Wondering how to wear a hat?

Designing, creating and making hats is without doubt Rosie’s passion (see our March Fashion article, Easter Bonnets), so who better to provide the answer to this month’s style question. Q. I’m lucky to have a number of special occasion events to attend this year including Ladies Day at Ascot. I’ve never worn a hat before but […]

Easter bonnets

Weddings are like buses, you wait ages for one and then two come along at once (or more!). So far this year four wedding invitations have hit my doormat; my wardrobe hasn’t seen this much ‘special occasion’ action since 2006, the year of six weddings (and my personal record to date!). ….add weddings to Ladies […]

Long live LOL (lots of layers)

A recent Facebook study suggests that it’s time to say RIP to LOL (apparently we now prefer to use haha or emojis over “LOL” to express laughter), but for me LOL has always had a very different meaning, one that is prevalent to this time of year, and one that will never go out of […]

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Offer feed

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