Tatton Greyfriar prepares for his first national show.

The National Shirehorse Show is due to be held between March 15-17th at the East of England Showground, Peterborough.

This is where homebred Tatton Greyfriar, or Friar for short, will be following in his father’s hoofprints to try to win national acclaim for Tatton. His father, Arclid Minshull Monty was National Champion in 2007. A century earlier Tatton Dray King, born in 1904 was the winner of many national shows.

The role of horses at Tatton has always been a significant one. At one time between eight and twelve Shire and Clydesdale work-horses were used at the farm for carting, drawing machinery and general transport around the estate.

The powerful ‘heavy horse’ breed, the Shire  is bred on the farm today, with Friar being the finest of the four horses currently resident at the Farm. In recent years there have been five foals, one of which is shown inGermany, and another inSwitzerland. With such a high pedigree, hopes are high for Friar’s performance at the show.

Training and preparing Friar will be a labour of love for the Home Farm staff. This will be a big event for the impressive shire horse and will be his first time away from the farm.

At the show he will be judged on his movement, correctness when standing and his appearance. He will be well looked after and pampered, having his legs oiled will be one of the spa style treatments he will receive in the run up to the show!

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