The Boarding Option

Personal circumstances; personal preferences or the specific educational needs of a pupil, may lead some families to conclude that a boarding school education will best match their child’s needs.

Cheshire families have a broad selection of top independent day schools to choose from but, with the exception of one small but very good junior day / boarding school, they have little alternative other than to look outside the county to commence their search, writes Peter Pickering

Boarding schools offer children the opportunity to learn and experience life surrounded by like-minded peers and inspirational teaching staff.

Small class sizes, superb facilities and the luxury of time means that boarding students have a wealth of extracurricular activities available to them to supplement their learning and help uncover their talents.

It is not just academic excellence that is important; a boarding school education is holistic in nature and seeks to develop the whole person.

The care and wellbeing of each student is a major priority for all boarding schools – as only a happy, supported child can achieve its full potential.

The dedication and full-time commitment of that support team is vital to the secure, safe environment that each House provides.

Boarding houses are a vital part of boarding school life, a caring community of students living together. Life-long friendships are made here and a wealth of house activities cements the strong bond between housemates.

Many boarding schools have a rich, diverse mix of students from around the globe meaning that your child will make friends with other children from a variety of cultures and backgrounds encouraging tolerance and mutual understanding.

Life at a boarding school equips students with a high degree of self-reliance and motivation especially when it comes to academic studies. ‘Prep’ or revision is a daily part of life and, with tutors on hand problems or areas for academic improvement are quickly identified and acted upon.

Children are encouraged to excel in their academic studies and also to embrace all the other opportunities boarding school provides.

Life skills such as personal organisation, cooking, cleaning and time management ensure that boarding students leave school fully equipped to succeed in the future.

Three of the country’s top independent boarding schools are keen to invite prospective parents and students from this part of Cheshire to visit them to find out what they have to offer.

Packwood Haugh

Set in the heart of the country, Packwood Haugh is the region’s leading co-educational, independent day and boarding prep school with an international reputation for excellence.SLH_140520_1191-packwood-lab

Its success is based on a broad, academically rigorous curriculum that inspires and challenges pupils. They are encouraged to aim high and to develop enquiring minds, understanding and skills that will enable them to achieve their potential. Every year scholarship awards are won to the country’s best independent senior schools including Eton, Winchester, Shrewsbury, Rugby, Oundle, Wycombe Abbey and Cheltenham Ladies’ College.

Packwood is about more than academic success alone. Sports, music and drama enrich the children’s education while also giving them the opportunity to excel at something outside the classroom.

Boarders thrive in the happy, supportive environment developing great self-confidence, social skills and the invaluable ability to get along with others so easing the transition to senior school.

Parents recognise the unique and invaluable opportunities Packwood offers:-

“Packwood did just what a good preparatory school should do and prepared our daughter fantastically well.”

“When our son arrived, we hoped the school would help get him to a position where he would pass muster at CE. That he was able to even attempt a scholarship, much less be successful, is testament to the power of the Packwood way; its diligence, rigour and ambition.”

“…an amazing school, a wonderful childhood environment…”

Headmaster, Clive Smith-Langridge, says, “We are committed to providing the best possible all-round education for our pupils. The success we enjoy every year is testament to the dedication and professionalism of members of staff and to the diligence and enthusiasm of the children. They flourish in Packwood’s positive environment and invariably meet – and exceed – the high expectations we have of them.”

Trent College

At Trent College students have so much energy and passion the challenge is how to channel it!Trent_College_AW_215

In acting, musicianship, art, academic achievement, sport, whatever areas students want to explore, the Trent College community works together to nurture and support each individual in flourishing at school, and in going on to universities and careers that bring them success and fulfillment.

As he prepared to leave at the end of last term, Jack Sproson, head of school for 2013-2014, said: “All you have to do is try. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past, how you’re perceived or what you’ve achieved, if you want to make a change, you just need to try.

Take advantage of Trent College, and try and achieve what I have come to call ‘personal excellence’, simply always trying to be better than you were yesterday.”

“What sets Trent apart from other schools,” adds Lydia Fasey, Trent College head of school for 2014-15, “Is we as pupils are encouraged to not only pursue the interests we are good at, but also the ones that make us truly happy.

“It’s not about fitting into a mould, or even breaking one, it’s about inventing your own mould, your own path, your own journey.”

This quest for personal excellence reflects the school’s approach to pastoral care, with Trent College providing a level of care that is the envy of so many schools.

Trent College is looking forward to welcoming its new head in September. Mr Bill Penty joins from Sherborne Girls School in Dorset “Trent College is an excellent school providing a broad education as a preparation for a fulfilled life. I am honoured to have been chosen to lead Trent College as it approaches its 150th anniversary and beyond.”

Abbotsholme School

An Abbotsholme education is an education for life. Every moment matters. Abbotsholme is an independent co-educational boarding and day school for ages 2-18. It a wonderful place in which to learn and develop, with pupils leaving Abbotsholme confident, independent and adaptable.IMG_0427

We provide a stimulating and balanced learning environment in deliberately small classes, where individual academic excellence and achievement are in evidence every day.

With 170 acres of copses, fields, dingles and games pitches, and science, art and languages taught by specialist teachers from the Senior School, our Prep and brand new Pre-Prep school pupils(for ages 2-4) enjoy unique access to all the facilities that the senior pupils use.

Our Senior School develops pupils’ learning with a deliberately wide curriculum including all the usual academic subjects as well as life skills lessons and a variety of outdoor education activities.

Sixth Form pupils have a dedicated sixth form centre to encourage independent learning in a wide range of subjects at A Level, as well as a log cabin boarding village for our boarders.

We have outstanding facilities including an indoor climbing centre, BHS approved equestrian centre, and working farm. There are opportunities for den building and kayaking for the prep school, and Duke of Edinburgh, overseas trips and electric car racing in the senior school.




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