What to pack for your UK holiday

With unpredictable weather and constantly changing temperatures it makes sense to have pieces you can add or remove depending on the day, so smart layering is definitely the way to go. One or two great pairs of trousers or skirts can be the basis. Add a jacket, a long cardigan and lots of colourful vests and you can build a variety of great looks.

Here are some layering tips to help you stay looking stylish and chic…whatever the weather!

  • Consider the colour and fabric – neutral colours are good for layering and don’t be afraid to mix fabrics; a sequined cardigan over a T-shirt, a short military inspired blazer over a simple top or a waistcoat over a white shirt.
  • Avoid using too many layers – 3 things on top is enough. The thinnest garment should be worn closest to your skin (and so on….) and wear longest pieces on the bottom.
  • Don’t forget the bottom half, layer with tights, skinny jeans (or jeggings) and leggings worn under a skirt/dress with knee-high boots, and add some cute over-the-knee socks for extra warmth or to add a splash of colour.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting, long sleeved shirts under T-shirts, instead opt for a tight regular long sleeve shirt under a short leather jacket with 3/4 sleeves and a scarf (essential to achieving the layered look).
  • Items to add to your layers, which will work as enhancers to your overall look, are scarves, belts and accessories.

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