The Woodland Trust launches ‘neighbourhood watch’ scheme for street trees

After a colleague told me recently about his new neighbour’s failed attempt to have a perfectly healthy oak tree chopped down, the following instantly struck a chord with me: –


Pic courtesy of Jim Christie Pic courtesy of Jim Christie

The Woodland Trust launches “neighbourhood watch” scheme for street trees – Cheshire folk are urged to take part.

Cheshire folk are being urged to stand up for their street trees and take part in a new “neighbourhood watch” scheme for nature.

A recent survey shows almost 80 per cent of city folk would miss trees and green spaces if they didn’t have them. The Woodland Trust is launching a scheme across the country to get people to celebrate their local trees – and help to protect and value nature on their doorstep.

People are urged to join forces with their neighbours and apply for one of 500 Street Trees Celebration Starter Kits. They’ll get bunting, badges and funky wheelie-bin transfers to show their appreciation for their trees.

Joseph Coles, project lead for street trees said the scheme, which is funded by a £500K boost from players of  People’s Postcode Lottery, aims to rally people to look after threatened trees on their doorstep.

He said: “Street trees face unprecedented threats. Be it climate change, tree disease, development or council budgets. However, they bring a huge array of benefits to people – from recreation to combating pollution.

We need to encourage people to celebrate trees, whatever their drive might be – social cohesion, economic benefits, sentimental or simply because a tree looks nice. People need to demand that their trees are respected and protected.”

78 per cent believe that trees are essential for relaxing and making them feeling happier. A similar percentage cited their importance for health and removing air pollution.

To claim your Street Trees pack go to:

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