Special delivery – it’s a boy!

It’s a boy! After waiting for just over 11 months, Robinsons’ Shire Horse Royale has finally given birth to a colt at 4:22am today at the stables, based next door to Robinsons Visitor Centre in Stockport.

Sired by Wheathead Stchamard, who stands at a gigantic 18.2 hands, the bambino weighed 104 pounds and measured 39.5 inches from crown to tail. Beginning today, the public will help decide the shire’s name at www.facebook.com/RobinsonsShires.

At 4am Robinsons head horseperson, Helen Preece, entered the stable to feed the 9 year old Shire when she discovered something that resembled a cross between a sheepdog and a kangaroo. Within 30 minutes the Bambi doppelgänger was bouncing around the stables and about an hour later was suckling with his mother.

Royale, who is 17.3 hands tall, went into labour at 3.30am, with her waters breaking at 4am and the foal being delivered at 4:22am. It was a tight fit, but the presentation, position, and posture were all normal. Due to the tight squeeze, Helen decided to lend a ‘hand’ with the delivery. The birth canal was lubricated and the colt was delivered with moderate traction. The total duration of Stage 2 labour (the time between the water breaking and the actual birth) was 22 minutes. This is normal for a mare.

“It was good that I was here,” said Helen. “It was a strain for Royale because he was such a big boy! He has four white socks and a white blaze on his crown, just like his mother – a true stamp! We are all so happy that the mare and foal are bonding so well. Royale is going to be a great mom but Trooper is certainly top of the list for babysitting duties.”

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